Kylie Jenner Reacts to Claim Her Pics Were to “Cover for Balenciaga”

According to NBC News, one photo included in the campaign appeared to show an excerpt from a 2008 U.S. Supreme Court case that upheld federal statutes on pornography that includes minors. In their statement, the luxury brand said that “the items included in the shooting were provided by third parties that confirmed in writing that these props were fake office documents.” 
“They turned out to be real legal papers most likely coming from the filming of a television drama,” the statement continued. “The inclusion of these unapproved documents was the result of reckless negligence for which Balenciaga has filed a complaint.”
Added the company, “We take full accountability for our lack of oversight and control of the documents in the background, and we could have done things differently.”

According to court documents filed with the Supreme Court of the State of New York on Nov. 25 and obtained by E! News, Balenciaga filed a lawsuit against the spring campaign’s production company North Six Inc. A representative for North Six has declined to comment.

by E online