Enterprise-Focused VR Headsets : pico 4 enterprise

Pico, the virtual reality technologies company recently purchased by ByteDance, unveiled the ‘Pico 4 Enterprise,’ its latest workplace-focused headset designed for professionals. This headset is essentially an upgraded version of the consumer-focused ‘Pico 4,’ though the Enterprise edition has slightly faster internals, a lighter-weight frame, and useful software upgrades for workplace environments.

The Pico 4 Enterprise is the company’s answer to Meta’s Quest Pro headset. As such, the Enterprise features ultra-slim pancake lens, precise eye-tracking software, enhanced face, body, and head tracking, and enhanced internal RAM modules that allow it to process information more quickly.

While VR headsets targeted toward gaming can benefit from being simple head-mounted computers with wide displays, professional VR headsets benefit greatly from enhanced tracking and monitoring software, as this increases the quality of virtual interactions by bringing hand, eye, and other expressive cues into the virtual reality plane.

Image Credit: Pico