everyone is here volume 2

‘Motion Twin,’ the development team behind the popular indie title ‘Dead Cells,’ announced the latest ‘Everyone is Here Volume 2’ update to the game. This update brings a number of new weapons, costumes, maps, easter eggs, and references, each of which are inspired by another popular indie game.

The Everyone is Here Volume 2 update includes references to ‘Terraria,’ ‘Hotline Miami,’ ‘Risk of Rain,’ ‘Slay the Spire,’ ‘Shovel Knight,’ and ‘Katana Zero.’ This adds six new in-game collaborations to the Dead Cells universe, which now includes more than 20 items and references to other games in the industry. Additionally, Motion Twin implemented the ‘Book of Legends’ in the Dead Cells starting area, and when read, this book informs players about the other indie games’ stories.

Image Credit: Motion Twin

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