K-Pop Whisky Metaverses : Regal Planet

Chivas is venturing into the metaverse for the first time with a Regal Planet experience for adults in China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. In the virtual world, attendees will get to see K-pop star Lisa on the Regal Stage.

Earlier this season, Chivas teamed up with Lisa of South Korean girl group Blackpink to launch a limited-edition bottle for its 18-year-old expression. This immersive experience features the first female face of Chivas in Asia and the launch of this bottle invites attendees to customize their avatars, mingle with other guests and learn more about the brand in the Hustle Area. In the virtual experience, 3D bottles appear alongside cocktail recipes and guests in select regions are able to purchase Chivas Regal expressions through direct e-commerce links.

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