AI Footwear Fitting Tech : footwear fitting

Getting the right fit is undeniably the most important part of shoe shopping and it remains the most challenging without the right support and technologies like AI-powered footwear fitting solutions. Consumers frequently encounter frustrations when it comes to finding footwear that fits properly, as varying shoe sizes, inconsistent sizing standards, and individual foot characteristics make it a challenging task to discover comfortable and well-fitting shoes. These frustrations have the potential to become challenges of the past with Volumental’s FitTech platform, which is now being implemented by Ombori.

Going forward, Ombori’s new StoreAI extension to Ombori Grid will include AI-powered solutions to match customers’ foot size, shape and shoe data.

OmboriGrid CEO Andreas Hassellöf said, “AI for retail is so much more than chatbots. Volumental is a great example of that.”

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