App Workout Expansions : Peloton Gym

Peloton has unveiled a comprehensive brand relaunch that encapsulates a new creative identity, new Membership tiers, and an innovative feature known as Peloton Gym. The initiative to make Peloton’s world-class content and expert instructors more accessible led to the creation of Peloton Gym.

This offering, available on all tiers of the Peloton App, including a new free tier, presents step-by-step, non-video-based workout plans crafted by Peloton’s top-tier instructors. The plans can be followed in the gym or any location, employing equipment commonly found in fitness centers such as dumbbells and weight machines. Workouts are designed in a circuit-style format with an interactive whiteboard and include a timer, descriptions, short demonstrative videos of moves, and a swipe-to-complete feature.

The Peloton Gym rollout begins today, May 23, and will be accessible to all App members by May 25. Coinciding with this launch is the unveiling of Peloton’s new tiered App membership structure. This includes the Peloton Free App, which allows users to take a class, follow a gym plan, or track workouts without needing a credit card or equipment.

Next is the Peloton App One, priced at $12.99/month after a 30-day trial, providing access to a multitude of classes ranging from strength and meditation to indoor cycling and outdoor walking, all with energizing playlists. Lastly, the Peloton App+ is available for $24/month after a 30-day trial, offering the full range of Peloton classes that can be taken on any cardio equipment in addition to all the features available on Peloton App One.

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